Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I have so many pairs of heels that i don't wear, so when i watched Gok Wan's video on how to recycle some old shoes and make them a 'now' pair of heels i had to give it a try.

- some heels
- leather adhesive/ super glue
- elastic band
- sellotape
- clingfilm
- marker   
- sharp knife
- scissors

You can start with any old pair of heels/wedges and transform them to these:

Firstly you need to buy the glitter fabric. you can buy it from a haberdashery website called Josey Rose. This website is perfect for any DIY you want to do.

It's £2.45 per sheet and there are lots of colour's to choose from. I bought some and i chose the black glitter and metallic all sorts.

Once you have got your fabric your good to go, everything else you need to use will prob be in your house already.
Here is the video i watched to create my glitter heels, it's amazing!

Gok's finished heels:

These are my finished heels:

What do you think? Let me know if you have made any? Questions?
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