Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Introducing my self.

I don’t have a clue where to start but I think the best place would be at the beginning :) I’m Rebecca Louise Coope. I’m 19 years old soon to be 20 next month, which I’m not looking forward to… not a teen anymore! I live in Leeds with my dad, mum, brother and little sister Lily. I work part time at Tesco embarrassing I know but its part time while I’m at college. I go to York College I studied 2 years doing fashion studies, now I’m doing the same course at a degree level. Which I absolutely love it involves been given a brief of some sort with a theme or current trend then creating a sketch book with drawings, sketches, design ideas, samples and all that sort of designing process in it to which direction I’m going in when creating a garment, ill post some photos up on my next post of some of my sketch books to show you what sort of things I’m on about. I also make clothes some for a college brief that have been on fashion shows to others that I just quickly make for my holiday, I love experimenting and it’s so frustrating going shopping and seeing a top or dress that’s so expensive that I know I could make for a fraction of the price, I then go home and think about it all the time then I’ll be going out buying fabric to re-create haha. I also have computer studies where I work a lot on photo shop creating mood boards, rational boards, and design boards etc. which look so good after I’ve done them on photo shop. I also do an art history lesson which is so annoying but I just have to do it. You learn all about the history of fashion and artists, I love it when we research into Chanel or Alexander McQueen and other amazing fashion designers and get to find out how they actually started out which is so interesting. I then have the manufacturing side where I price up garments and how much it would cost to make. Then there is my favourite part where I create the garment and I see my hard work paid off when my collections go out on the fashion show :) I love my course and it’s going to be such a big part of my life as this is what I want to do. I love the process of seeing a simple sketch book full of ideas then the finished product on the fashion show. I also love the part where I style by dressing models in my clothes and get their hair done at the college salon and I bring in my own accessories and take photos in the photography suit with professional cameras, lighting, backdrop, props etc. I also have lots of photos that ill share of my garments. But enough about College I get a bit carried away haha.

I'm a very fun bubbly girl and I love going out on a weekend with my friends, shopping and being with my family and boyfriend. I spend lots of money on new shoes and clothes as I think I need everything. A lot of money goes on my beautiful car that I got for Christmas from my dad. A black mini cooper with a pink roof yeaaaaaa pink!! It’s amazing.

when I’m older I’d love to own my own boutique with all clothes that I’ve either made of designed, or to be a fashion stylist I think that would be my dream as when I’ve got a model in front of me and lots of accessories and garments I just get too carried away and have a vision for it all. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" such a true quote. anyways I think I’ve prob bored you all to death as I’ve got carried away for my first post, but yea hope you’ve got to know me more :)

With love xo
-Some posts on fashion showing you a bit about what I can create and sketch books.

-Also fashion posts showing you current trends.
-Designer vs. high street.
-DIY how to create some of your own garments that are in trend at a fraction of the price.
Keep checking back, xxxx


  1. can't wait for some posts girl! :)

  2. heyy, aw thanks so much:) been looking at your blog its soo good. do you have any advice on how to get my blog known and gain more followers? as you can tell im pretty new to this haha.. thanks xx