Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I first started doing Fashion Studies in 2009 at York College and from then on I've absolutely loved it. In my first year we had lots of projects, our first one was a illustration project. I'm not good at drawing, AT ALL! so this project was to start learning how to do fashion illustrations, drawing from a stand, garments and life drawing, my sketch book looks okay now when i look at it but as I've gone on through the years my work has got lots better, so the work from my Fashion Studies 1st&2nd year is very basic compared to my degree level that i am doing now.
I researched these fashion illustrations in books i found in the library, i re created these images with ink, paints and candle wax on the last photo for the white lines on the illustration, as you can tell these are pretty basic, but i did enjoy creating them.


Another project i liked from the first two years was the Flock Together Bird Project, where we went to Lotherton hall in Leeds to go and see a bird exhibition, when we first got given the brief for this project i did not like the sound of it with birds as i do not like birds, but as soon as i got into it i realized there was a lot to researched i got into the swing of it. Here is my sketch book researching different birds and doing sketches for my primary research. In this project my drawing skills came on a lot. as you can see hopefully lol.


another brief i loved the idea of was the outer wear/inner wear, at the time that was the current trend with lots of bra-lets everywhere, we had to use a theme and me and my friend Emma chose a dove for purity and white etc, i cannot remember much about this project but i know we created a outfit, a grey bra-let, that had cups and a chunky zip at the back, then some trousers that was the Cheryl Cole style with slits at the side and as our theme was a dove with wings we wanted to have as much volume in them as possible to show the gathers of wings, tied with ribbon and a gathered waist band and ankle. also we did a jacket, in the same cream fabric, that was made having one large circle, then in the middle on the left and right another two small circles big enough to get your atm through and it created a draped jacket, that was one of my very weird ideas that paid off and looked unusual. 


Smaller projects that i did in the first year that was basic also just to get our use on the industrial machines and use to all the techniques was the Corset project and the denim dress project, my corset was pink and black, when i look back at it now it looks dreadful but at the time i loved it, it looks so poorly made but hey it was my first garment making project. My denim dress is dreadful too, but i like all the gathers down the dress that took me hours to do! 
here are some photos of my garments in the York College Fashion Show 1st yr:

Another side line project was the M&S project where we had to go into Marks and Spencer and do 4 boards of the different clothing ranges, you had to choose a section and design a dress, i created a v neck dress that had a low v neck back with it all gathered round the bum which looked gorgeous, and a flower on the front, this dress was not created for me as you can see but for a certain client that would shop in Marks and Spencer. 

After been doing the fashion studies course for two years, i had done lots of projects, essays, clientele boards and much more it was time to do the final project, the theme was EARTH, FIRE AND WATER. I chose water as i felt there was more to research doing water and i liked the idea of different colour of blues. My final collection consisted of 3 dresses, one floor length one with a slit up one side with a cowl neck, the other dress was a long sleeve wrap over dress with a belt and a contrasting inner colour so you could see the difference, and the final one was a little short strap dress with a gathered pieces of fabric over the front to create a ripple effect of 'water'. Each dress was inspired by water if its the drape in a dress and in water, or the ripples in water on a gathered part of the dress. In my sketch book its primary resource looking at pictures of water and creating samples and how i could extend this, in my designing process is where the garment comes to life and you start going down the production process.


 I also had to create a post card to describe my final collection on, this would be on the chairs of the audience at the fashion show, this is my post card, (sorry about the poor quality photo)


 After two years in this course, i passed with a DISTINCTION which i was over the moon with, all my hard work had paid off with the top marks, now I'm onto my degree course still completing projects and briefs, all my recent work is at college but when i go back ill make sure i get some photos of recent work and post a blog on it :)


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