Sunday, 2 September 2012


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I started to see the American Apparel Disco Pants everywhere. Which look gorgeous on the girls I've seen, perfect for going out or casual! I then found out the price and couldn’t believe it £70, and thought who in their right mind would spend £70 on some leggings.... a couple week later I found out I was one of them people :/ I admit spending that much money on them did hurt my bank balance but I get so much wear out of them, if its with a crop top and a baggy cardigan for casual. Or wedges and a nice shirt to dress it up a little. They are very tight and kind of pull in your body. The only thing I dislike about the pants is how baggy they are round the ankles. I'm use to leggings that are very tight round the ankle, and the Disco Pants are not as I have to roll mine up because I'm short, but apart from that I love them!

When my mum first saw me in them she said they look like trousers that sandy out of Greece wore. Which at the time I didn’t realise but I agree with her now, I guess its fashion just coming back around again I suppose. 

I think one of the main reasons they are a fashion must have is because a lot of celebrities are wearing and they are making peoples bodies look banging. Here are some photo's of celebs wearing the pants, they do look amazing and compliment the body well! 

Me wearing my disco pants:
Lime Jacket: Zara 
Gold Glitter Baggy Top: Topshop
Disco Pants: American Apparel 
This is not a full picture but i have them rolled up at the bottom as they look very baggy otherwise, i pair them with wedges either black ones, or my Jeffrey Campbell's. To dress this look down you could just have a baggy cardigan instead of a blazer and some sandals etc.

The picture below is both pairs of my disco pants: left from Glamorous, £29.99. right American Apparel, £70.00.
The purpose of this post was to tell you how fantastic these pants are if you can afford £70, but i have also found some websites where the pants are the same design at a FRACTION of the price!! :) 


Note to self: on certain website's you can use your 10% student discount :) if you do not have a card, set one up and use it straight away, or just make one up ;) 
it gives you lots of discount in various places if you don't have a NUS student card.  

Hope this has helped you find a cheap alternative to the American Apparel version. 
Let me know where you have got yours from, ask me any questions about my expensive or cheap pair. :) xxxx also follow me on twitter. bexlouisecoope :)



  1. ahhh I love disco pants! I really want some navy ones/black ones but dont have the money for american apparel ones right now :( Im also short so would most likely have to roll them up, they need to create some petite versions sharpish! :)

    Emma x

  2. i wanted the silver ones, but i couldnt afford the expensive ones so the cheap ones will have to do :/ but i deff agree with the petite ones i need some asap haha. i look silly rolling them up that much xxx