Friday, 24 August 2012


I love when i go shopping and you see so much denim if its shorts, bra-lett's, shirts, jackets there's so much choice and each items are different, the other day i went shopping to Liverpool and i saw the most gorgeous high waisted denim shorts in Top shop they had spikes all over them they were so eye catching then i saw the price £99 i nearly died, it aggravates me that they charge that price when i know i could customize my own for a fraction of the price! so here is what this post is going to be about customizing your own pair of shorts with studs etc...
I'm sure everyone has a trusty pair of denim shorts mine are from the blue rise part of Miss Selfridge, you can buy them from anywhere Top Shop, Riverisland, Warehouse, Urban outfitters and online. once you have got your shorts there are so many current looks you can create: 

the shorts and jacket look amazing, to create this look all you need is your own pair of high waisted denim shorts, you can buy the studs from lots of places on the internet:

i find eBay is the cheapest place for the studs as you can buy them in bulk.
once you have chose the colour your using silver/gold. You can create this look by getting the studs putting them through the denim and bend the claw back so it secures the stud i would recommend using a knife as it hurts your fingers. 
Other looks with the studs:

i love the cross pockets, the best way to create is by getting a pen or chalk and dotting on where you want your cross to be, then put the studs through and bend the claw round to secure. You could also unpick the pocket not from top to bottom but side to side, using a UN picker or sharp little scissors and cutting away at the thread so the pocket is handing off, then use the studs to create the cross section again but doing it on the denim that would actually touch your bum this is also another cool look for the shorts, or like the picture above you could put the studs at the top of the pocket at the front, this looks so crisp and fancy.
i also love the shorts that are half dark denim and half light denim this can be created using bleach but be careful as this is messy. if you do it in the kitchen or in the bathroom, i normally experiment on a old pair of denim jeans to see the time of bleach, if you put some bleach on the denim and you can see it getting lighter and lighter once it gets to the shade you want if you run it under the tap and wash it off so it does not keep developing as once its gone white you wont get the denim colour back. if you do not want to risk doing a full side of denim you could rub bleach on a sponge and dab it near the pockets to lighten the denim or near the bum area on the back of the shorts this could also look effective, also you can see the denim is distressed and looks worn, i love this look and its so each to do!

 if you use a knife or sharp pair of scissors, there's lots of ways, to do a raw edge that's got stitching on if you unpick the thread and use scissors and make vertical cuts up the raw edge and pull the thread so it unravels and becomes distressed, keep working at it and pulling thread away. another look is holes near the pockets etc, this can be done with a knife and scoring in lines to create a hole once you have done that if you get a razor and razor over the hole to create the rugged string look on the hole. or you could even razor areas to create the look of wear but not an actual hole and just score. and again if you experiment on a old pair of denim jeans first to get your technique right first.

here is a video from youtube that helped me to get the look i wanted, its so brilliant!

omg how amazing does this bralet and shorts look? amazing i know. to create this look i think the best way is with fabric spray/paint that you can buy from:

eBay is the cheapest place I've found for spray paint and things like that as they have a buy now price, to get the gold look on the shorts i would take this outside as this shit could get messy, maybe experiment first on a old pair of denim jeans. techniques: use a sponge and dab it on in the areas you want, use a stencil if you want shapes that you can buy on the internet too.
you could also use a leaf and spray it and press it onto the denim or maybe a piece of wood or stones and use them to put the paint on. you could just spray the paint on but make sure you shake well and use it a distance away as you do not want blobs everywhere as it could look messy. 
the bralet looks gorgeous with the studs on and I'm sure you could buy a plain black bralet from anywhere.
here is a link on different shapes and sizes of studs but also the Josey rose website is brilliant with cool little cute shapes for the bra lets or shorts. other examples: 

a simple bra/ bralet with studs added to get this effect that could be created using the steps above.
Talking so much about pyramid stud's we forgot about spikes. which look amazing covering a bra let or shorts.

how effective do spikes look, I'm in love with the bra lets. you can buy them from ebay: 

or if you want to have a go of making them by your self you can buy spikes in bulk from:

spikes are pretty each to attach. if you get a knife and out a hole in the fabric, then put the spike through and screw on the rivet at the back to secure the spike and its done, simple! you could go crazy using loads of them all over shorts they look so amazing. 

other ideas: you could use the studs on shorts front and back, tank tops round the neckline to spice up a simple top, on bra lets or crop tops, skirts, converse, vans, the possibilities are endless.
here are some photos of other ideas with studs and spikes: 

i hope this has helped you to do some of your own DIY.
if you need any help or want to know anything just comment, tell me how you got on and what you customized. also follow me on twitter. bexlouisecoope :)


  1. I loved the bra-lett with the spikes! It looks lethal though? Do the studs stay on well once you've attached them? :)

    1. i know its so nice isnt it :) some of my studs came off like one or two put if there put on correctly there fine:)xx